TIRED EYES (Chill VErsion)




Brimming with a musical talent far beyond his 24 years and being preternaturally gifted with an ear for a great vocal hook, Simon XO can’t help but wear his heart on his sleeve. Raised on a selection of musical greats as diverse as Pink Floyd, Stevie Wonder, Wilco, Radiohead, and Nirvana, the San Diego singer-songwriter got his start playing along to records on his trombone, eventually getting accepted into USC’s prestigious Thornton School of Music and majoring in popular music. From there, fueled and inspired by his hero Neil Young’s uncompromising artistic vision, Simon decided that his musical mandate would forever bear witness to a warm, winsome honesty and encouraging his fans with his recounting of instantly relatable life experiences.

On his newest EP, Nightmares and Filthy Souls, Simon finds himself balancing the widescreen sonic songwriting output of arena pop acts such as Katy Perry with the intimate falsetto and delicate electronic soul production of James Blake and Jack Garratt. It’s this intoxicating combination of influences that gives Simon a broad musical palette and finds him equally comfortable bouncing around to the spiky electro-pop of “Take My Heart” as he is strumming the low-lit acoustic EP closer “Behind Their Eyes.” Having received rave reviews in publications such as Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists, EDM Sauce, and Celeb Mix, as well as airplay from LA’s 103.9FM and Dash Radio, Simon XO’s fearless and passionate artistry is all but guaranteed to win over old and new fans and friends alike.





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Nightmares & Filthy Souls

by Simon XO

Nightmares & Filthy Souls is available now!