On his newest EP, Nightmares and Filthy Souls, Simon finds himself balancing the widescreen sonic songwriting output of arena indie pop acts Jack antonoff and vampire weekend with the intimate falsetto and delicate electronic soul production of James Blake and Jack garratt. It’s this intoxicating combination of influences that gives Simon a broad musical palette and finds him equally comfortable bouncing around to the spiky electro-pop of “Take My Heart” as he is strumming the low-lit acoustic EP closer “Behind Their Eyes.” Having received rave reviews in publications such as Music Connection Magazine’s Hot 100 Unsigned Artists, EDM Sauce, and Celeb Mix, as well as airplay from LA’s 103.9FM and Dash Radio, Simon XO’s fearless and passionate artistry is all but guaranteed to win over old and new fans and friends alike.


 “Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Over and Out,” the lead single off Simon XO’s upcoming debut EP Nightmares & Filthy Souls(independently out September 2019). The young San Diegoan turns inner struggle on its head in his desperate search for catharsis, singing openly about his inner demons in a torrential outpouring of stormy emotion.” -ATWOOD MAGAZINE

“He uses this unique airy synth sound for the chord progression that floats in the background. Then he ties it all together with a crisp beat, crunchy synth and a pure vocal part. The lyrical work/vocal melodies are a highlight for me and “There's A Way Out” has me excited to see what he does next.” - EDM SAUCE

“Simon XO stays true to himself throughout his creative exploration in his songs. “Covering” is strength, fragility, and magnificence all wrapped up into one EP.” - Dope BEcause we said


SIMON XO - SET LIST (60 min)

  1. Waiting for Me to Break
  2. Take My Heart
  3. How Do I Fight It
  4. Little Brother
  6. Best Days
  7. Behind Their Eyes
  8. My Love
  9. There's a Way Out
  10. Tired Eyes
  11. Loser (BECK COVER)
  12. Over & Out